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Leading the change

We are full life cycle investors supporting scientists and entrepreneurs at any stage where we identify opportunity, from academic programs in need of industry sponsorship all the way to mature publicly traded companies.

RTW financial highlights

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Deep scientific expertise

RTW Biotech Opportunities, Ltd. is an investment fund focused on identifying transformative assets with growth potential across the life sciences sector. Our approach is driven by applying deep scientific expertise with a long-term investment horizon, and focused on companies developing innovative medicine therapies for diseases with limited options. Because we don’t just ‘believe’ in the life-changing power of science, we understand it.

Investment highlights

  • A closed-ended fund building and investing in biotech and medtech companies 
  • Provides access to private markets and bespoke negotiated opportunities
  • Managed by RTW Investments, LP, a seasoned healthcare investment firm 
  • Total RTWBIO shareholder return of +71.2% since 2019 IPO
  • Preferred capital provider to innovative companies with expertise in creative financial transactions
  • Extensive data collection of primary scientific data
  • Global reach

Executing our strategy

Maximizing value realization from transformative products takes time, and we believe it is critical to be involved and invested in such companies throughout various stages of their development and ultimately delivery to patients. In the instances where our research leads us to an innovation without a home inside an existing company, we have the capability, human power, and funding to create a company de novo to advance an asset we believe is worth building a business around.

Full lifecycle investing

We recognize the importance of providing growth capital along with the support of an experienced team, if and when it is needed, at any critical inflection point in an asset’s life cycle.

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