Our story

We power breakthrough therapies that transform the lives of millions

We’re a life sciences investment and innovation firm dedicated to solving the most challenging, unmet patient needs. Our full lifecycle expertise ensures we can support both science and business at every stage. We originate companies, fuel growth, and nurture the most promising science and medicine.

Building strong companies and fueling growth through innovative investing

The amount of innovation in medicine right now is higher than it’s ever been in history. At the same time, there are more companies pursuing that innovation than ever before. Which means that finding, developing, and growing the ones that will ultimately succeed and improve people’s lives takes deep expertise and a robust process.

Our combination of proprietary data, expertise across therapeutic areas and modalities, and full lifecycle approach helps us spot opportunities others may miss. Both for value creation and patient impact.

What is Full Lifecycle Investing?


At RTW, we create our companies when we believe the likelihood of successfully developing impactful therapies is high.

Through our research and due diligence we identify innovative products. Once we’ve uncovered those opportunities we leverage our team's expertise to improve our chances of making it to market. 

We’re highly selective with our investments, because once we commit capital we do so for the long-term. And always with the goal of creating sustainable world class businesses.


Privately held companies are leading the way on many new technology areas. Working with them helps us stay on the cutting edge of science. 

We believe that early stage investing fosters fruitful relationships with management teams. We thrive on joining a company or entrepreneur at the ground floor, and helping shape their growth from the very beginning.

We see more data and gain a deeper knowledge of the biotech and medtech landscape through our active participation in private investment rounds.

Our focus on innovative medicine


Identifying viable biopharmaceutical and medical technology assets across modalities including oligos, gene therapy, antibodies, cell therapy, and small molecules.

Disease areas

Research coverage across therapeutic areas such as cardiovascular, muscular, ophthalmology, immunology, neurology, oncology, and respiratory.


Disruptive innovation of new modular technologies, such as RNA medicine and gene therapy, target ID and epidemiology, is creating more opportunities within genetics.


Science informs everything we do and the investments we make.

We don’t just ‘believe’ in the life-changing power of science, we understand it. Our knowledge of therapeutic modalities and disease areas means we can apply the same meticulous analysis to the science behind our opportunities as we do to the financials of the business. Not only this, our proprietary data science and genetics research efforts mean we’re actively looking for, uncovering, and testing opportunities that others may miss.

As company creators, we have the capability, human power, and funding to invest in what we believe in

We like to say that science doesn’t care where it exists, so neither do we. Sometimes great innovations exist in small private startups. Sometimes in large publicly traded companies. But sometimes it’s in an academic research lab. Or a discarded asset from an oversized pipeline. Or it may even be an idea one of our own scientists had and explored in our lab. It’s this ‘free agent’ science that often finds a home in our company creation division. We take the same selective and high-conviction approach here as we do with our investments. Finding the best science out there, putting our full set of scientific and operational capabilities into it, and building a business around it for the long term.

Our people help shape tomorrow’s most exciting and disruptive companies

Innovation in medicine is filled with setbacks. Failure is a common theme on the way to patient impact. That’s why it takes a group of people who never lose sight of what they’re working towards. Passionate, curious, dedicated people who are among the best at what they do. Diverse in their backgrounds and skills and experience. And driven to work together to bring medical innovations to life. That’s who we are and who we want on our team.


Believing in each other

Progress, collaboration, tenacity, rigor, leadership, and humility. These core values guide us, but it’s our culture that sets us apart. The way we bring those values to life. The passion and desire for impact that brings us together. And the way it permeates our work, office, and the standards we hold ourselves and our partners to. Hear from our people what makes RTW special.

We build relationships for the long-term. Close collaborators and committed partners — every step of the way

Taking a long-term full lifecycle approach and having a true evergreen structure enables us to avoid pitfalls of structural constraints of venture only or public-only vehicles.

RTW Charitable Foundation

Supporting pioneers who are breaking new ground in the fight against ultra rare diseases, allowing them to pursue the most promising science regardless of its commercial prospects.