Innovation is the best medicine

Built on a foundation of deep research, RTW invests with innovative companies looking to bring important new products to patients.


We have developed expertise through our comprehensive study of industry and academic efforts in targeted areas of significant innovation. By focusing our energies, we believe we can add more value to entrepreneurs and scientists. Our current focus areas include both technology platforms and disease areas.











What's New At RTW

Health Sciences Acquisitions Corporation 2 Announces Closing of Upsized $160 Million Initial Public Offering, Including Full Exercise of the Underwriters’ Over-Allotment Option

Health Sciences Acquisitions Corporation 2 (Nasdaq: HSAQ, the "Company" or "HSAC 2") announced today that it closed its initial public offering of 16,000,000 ordinary shares, which included the full exercise of the underwriters' over-allotment option.

RTW Investments, LP, Ji Xing Pharmaceuticals and Cytokinetics Enter Into Strategic Financing Collaboration to Support the Development of CK-274 and Enter China

RTW Investments, a global, full life-cycle investor provides a multi-faceted capital solution to support Cytokinetics’ development of CK-274; including direct equity investment, royalty monetization, and royalty-backed development funding.

This Disability Rights Activist Wants to Be the First Wheelchair User in Space

There can be irony in even the happiest of sentiments—a fact that is surely not lost on Eddie Ndopu. The son of a South African mother and a Namibian father, Ndopu was born in 1990, the year Namibia attained its independence from South Africa, and just four years before Nelson Mandela became South Africa’s first black President.

Our Partnerships

We support companies through the ups and downs of the often challenging journey to bring therapies to patients.

"Rod dug in our company when many other investors disappeared. He did the work and realized BioCryst’s potential for treating rare diseases such as HAE long before others did."
Jon Stonehouse
Chief Executive Officer
BioCryst Pharmaceuticals
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"RTW does deeper diligence than nearly any other investor I know. RTW’s research and guidance in the early days of Rainbow and noninvasive hemoglobin was a valuable resource. They helped us understand the opportunity and have been a trusted partner since."
Joe Kiani
Founder, Chairman & CEO
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"The RTW Team spotted the argenx investment opportunity ahead of the curve and rapidly developed from an investor to a loyal partner. Their data based approach and desire to understand resonates very well with our company culture."
Tim Van Hauwermeiren
Chief Executive Officer
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"We view the team at RTW with highest regard. They believed in Alnylam's potential when the rest of the world was skeptical."
John Maraganore, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals
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"RTW uses scientific and clinical acumen to decipher critical investments. Rod and Piratip were excellent strategic partners who had the foresight to invest in Avexis."
Sukumar Nagendran, MD
Chief Medical Officer
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"Rod and the team at RTW dug deep into our science, saw our potential early and share our drive to bring science to patients. As a member of our board, Rod’s wisdom and guidance has been invaluable. RTW is more than an investor, they are a true partner."
Sarah Boyce
President & Chief Executive Officer
Avidity Biosciences
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"RTW is a very insightful and strategic investment firm. They had the foresight to invest in PTC after our acquisition of Emflaza and have spent a significant amount of time and effort to understand the potential of our pipeline."
Stu Peltz
PTC Therapeutics
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"RTW is among the most thoughtful and diligent teams we have encountered. They saw the commercial potential of MACI early on, and have been a tremendous partner to Vericel during a period of rapid growth for the company."
Nick Colangelo
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"RTW really took the time to understand our business, and they understood that the reasons that other people had said no were actually the very reasons to say yes. They backed us early and made good on their promise to be a true partner long after Establishment Labs' IPO. They are the entrepreneur's investor and a real value add."
Nick Lewin
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"RTW’s passion for science and rational approach toward therapeutics development have been essential to the RCKT story. Rod and team have an uncanny ability to identify opportunities that no one else has, well ahead of the curve, and the rigorous discipline to water them gently. We value them highly as top shareholders, as founders and integral members of the Board, and most importantly as friends."
Gaurav Shah, MD
CEO & President
Rocket Pharmaceuticals
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"The RTW team did deep commercial diligence into the potential for a prophylactic HAE medicine well before other investors. Combined with their deep understanding of science, RTW was a terrific long-term shareholder, as we advanced DX-2930 through the clinic and sought to bring this important therapy to patients."
George Migausky
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The Future Looks Bright

Thanks to the genome, there is more clarity around the causes of disease. Coupled with new exciting modalities that can address genetic diseases in a targeted way, drug innovation is accelerating.


Genetic Diseases

Gene sequencing has identified causes for over 4,000 diseases, and is growing at a rate of 200 per year. 


Drugs in the Pipeline

The number of new patents has inflected upward. This is translating into both more and higher quality drugs in the pipeline.


Lives Saved Each Year

In the coming decade, in the US we expect more than half a million lives a year to be saved across diseases including cancer, neurologic, and rare diseases.

Our Approach

We believe solving unmet needs is the best way to create value.

Identify unmet needs

We try to ignore the crowd and prioritize where we think unmet needs can be solved by mature science.

Invest in relationships

We believe in developing longterm relationships with great entrepreneurs and scientists who are as passionate about medicine as we are.

Take the long view

We support teams trying to solve the inevitable setbacks that occur when introducing a first in class or disruptive therapy.

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