Nehal Gosalia, PhD
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Nehal Gosalia, PhD

Research Analyst, Director of Genetics

Nehal is expanding research efforts to better understand genetic drivers of disease using genetic data and bioinformatics tools.

Prior to joining RTW, Nehal spent four years at the Regeneron Genetics Center, where she utilized computational tools to interrogate large exome sequencing datasets associated with phenotypic data to address questions on how human genetic variation contributes to disease. During her time at Regeneron, Nehal co-authored three patents and 12 publications, including high-profile publications in Science and the New England Journal of Medicine.

I am excited to be part of a team that is leveraging advances in genetics and working to translate them to new medicines for patients.

Nehal has a PhD in Molecular Biology and Genetics from Northwestern University and a BS in Biology with a minor in Business from the Illinois Institute of Technology.