RTW Venture Fund Name Change

RTW Venture Fund Name Change


RTW Venture Fund, a London Stock Exchange-listed investment fund focused on identifying transformative assets with high growth potential across the life sciences sector is pleased to announce that the Company has changed its name to RTW Biotech Opportunities Ltd. The Guernsey registry has confirmed the name change, effective 22 June 2023.

Shareholdings will be unaffected by the change of name, and the Company's TDIMs, ISIN and SEDOLs all remain unchanged. Existing share certificates should be retained and will remain valid for all purposes.

Rod Wong, Managing Partner of RTW Investments, LP, the Company's Investment Manager commented:

"We are pleased to announce the change of the Company's name to RTW Biotech Opportunities Ltd which better places us among our listed healthcare and biotech investment company/trust peers and more accurately reflects the Company's full life cycle approach to biotech investing as a partner that can invest in both the private and public domains and across the capital structure."

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About RTW Biotech Opportunities Ltd:

RTW Biotech Opportunities Ltd (LSE: RTW & RTWG) is an investment fund focused on identifying transformative assets with high growth potential across the biopharmaceutical and medical technology sectors. Driven by a long-term approach to support innovative businesses, RTW Biotech Opportunities Ltd invests in companies developing next-generation therapies and technologies that can significantly improve patients' lives.

RTW Biotech Opportunities Ltd is managed by RTW Investments, LP, a leading healthcare-focused entrepreneurial investment firm with deep scientific expertise and a strong track record of supporting companies developing life-changing therapies.