Sarah Dean
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Sarah Dean

Chief of Staff to Asset Development and Financing

Sarah, our Chief of Staff to Asset Development and Financing, plays a pivotal role in supporting the President and the firm’s company creation efforts. Sarah was a Lawyer in Australia prior to her career in finance within the US.


Sarah has a lifelong commitment to growth and development demonstrated by her formal education and broad range of corporate experience. She holds a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Journalism from Queensland University of Technology, complemented by a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice from The Australian National University. Sarah is currently pursuing a Master of Laws in Intellectual Property at Fordham University School of Law.

Innovation thrives on a foundation of positivity and an unyielding entrepreneurial spirit. Collaborating with brilliant, passionate colleagues and dedicated scientists in the pursuit of building world-class biotech companies is more than a professional endeavor; it's a deeply rewarding journey. Together, we're not just fighting diseases – we're crafting meaningful, life-altering impacts for countless individuals.”