Sarah Dean
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Sarah Dean

Asset Development Executive Assistant

Sarah is a member of the Asset Development and Financing team, supporting the Chief Development Officer and the firm's company creation efforts. Prior to her career in finance within the US, Sarah was a Commercial Litigation Paralegal and then Graduate Lawyer at Bartley Cohen.

Prior to joining RTW, Sarah led the operations team for a Single Family Office with investments in real estate, technology companies, and luxury lifestyle brands. Sarah credits her success to being an "upholder." She brings diligence, consistency, and creativity to every project she manages or team she leads.

Sarah holds a Bachelor of Journalism and Bachelor of Laws from Queensland University of Technology. She received her Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from The Australian National University. 

Innovation requires positivity and an entrepreneurial spirit. It is extremely rewarding to work alongside brilliant and passionate colleagues and scientists, dedicated to building world class biotech companies to fight disease and make a meaningful impact to the lives of others.