Hope. Cures. Awareness. Advocacy. Access. Support.
The RTW Charitable Foundation lives at the intersection between scientific advancements and the patients they are intended to help.


The RTW Foundation is proud to support pioneers who are breaking new ground in the fight against diseases that may not represent compelling commercial opportunities, but do result in significant human suffering.

The Foundation is able to provide capital, manpower, and logistical support to help scientists push such projects forward. In addition, the Foundation aims to assist in advocacy and resource coordination for patients and their families.

in Human Lives

The RTW Foundation represents an extension of our investment firm mission.  Our research process helps us to identify important causes of human suffering, and introduces us to individuals and organizations trying to make a difference.  To our recipients, we can offer not only financial support, but also guidance gleaned from our experience in drug development and company building.


The Foundation aims to foster the development of medicines that fall into either or both of these categories:

Early stage therapeutic technologies that our research team finds promising.
Designed to treat diseases with high unmet need and limited commercial potential.

Valuing What

The RTW Foundation is specifically directed to prioritize benefits to patients over financial reward. Our dedicated staff know that only part of the struggle to relieve patients’ suffering takes place in laboratories. Many of the diseases we target affect not only patients but their families as well, often in devastating ways. We aid these families by


information and coordinate assistance


for patients whose voices might not otherwise be heard


public awareness

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