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RTW invests with innovative health care companies looking to bring
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Built on a foundation of deep research.

RTW Investments is a healthcare-centered investment firm focused on the most innovative subsectors of healthcare. We believe in the value of deep scientific and commercial research. Assessing science can be hard and humbling, and so we have built a firm culture and structure to maximize the focus and patience it requires.

We have found that aspiring to be experts not only helps us to evaluate investments, but has positioned us over the years as value-added partners to entrepreneurs and scientists. Today we have the flexibility to invest across the life-cycle of companies, from passive positions with mature companies that have strong leadership, to rolling up our sleeves to form and grow new companies.


Venture Highlights



Dallas-based company developing gene therapy for spinal muscular atrophy, an often progressive and disabling muscle wasting disease.


ChariSMA is an SMN2 gene therapy in Phase 1 for spinal muscular atrophy.


LaJolla Pharmaceutical

California biotech focused on endogenous peptides and therapies for rare diseases.


LJPC-501 is a proprietary formulation of angiotensin II in Phase 3 for catecholamine-resistant hypotension.  LJPC-401 is a novel formulation of hepcidin in Phase 1 for iron overload disorders.  LJPC-30S is a gentamicin derivative for bacterial infections and rare genetic disorders.



The most broadly licensed AAV capsid technology platform in gene therapy.  ReGenX is developing its own internal pipeline focused on metabolic, neurodegenerative, and retinal diseases.


RGX-501 is a LDLR-gene therapy for homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia.  RGX-111 and RGX-121 are enzyme replacement gene therapies for Hurler and Hunter syndromes.  RGX-314 is an anti-VEGF gene therapy for wet-AMD.



London-based company with an immuno-oncology platform technology called ImmTACs.  ImmTACs enable the potent targeting of intracellular cancer antigens with controlled pharmacology.


IMCgp100 is a soluble TCR targeted against gp100 in Phase 2 for melanoma.

Solid Biosciences

Solid Biosciences is dedicated to developing therapies for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a disease characterized by progressive muscular weakness in boys.

SGT-001 is an AAV microdystrophin gene therapy for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Armo BioSciences

Armo is an immuno-oncology company with a pipeline of novel interleukins for cancer.

AM0010, a pegylated IL-10, has been shown to induce T cell proliferation.  It is being developed for a variety of tumor types, including in combination with PD1 for lung cancer, and with chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer.

Odonate Therapeutics

Odonate is developing a novel oral taxane for breast cancer.

Tesetaxel is a potent oral taxane in development for metastatic breast cancer.

We aim to work with dynamic entrepreneurs

Bringing a product to market requires successful execution across a wide range of areas. In addition to great lab and clinical scientists, companies must build teams with manufacturing, regulatory, commercial, and managerial talent. We appreciate this challenge and support companies who seek to build great organizations.

Rod has been with us from the very beginning when we restarted LJPC. His research, insights and support have been critical in making our journey a success.

George Tidmarsh
CEO, LaJolla Pharmaceuticals

Rod dug in our company when many other investors disappeared. He did the work and realized BioCryst’s potential for treating rare diseases such as HAE long before others did.

Jon Stonehouse
CEO, BioCryst Pharmaceuticals

RTW does deeper diligence than nearly any other investor I know. RTW's research and guidance in the early days of Rainbow and noninvasive hemoglobin was a valuable resource. They helped us understand the opportunity and have been a trusted partner since.

Joe Kiani
CEO, Masimo

We view the team at RTW with highest regard. They believed in Alnylam's potential when the rest of the world was skeptical.

John Maraganore
CEO, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

Our Team


Roderick Wong, MD

Managing Partner


Sabera Loughran

Chief Operations and Financial Officer


Naveen Yalamanchi, MD

Portfolio Manager


Stephanie Sirota

Chief Business Development Officer


Michelle Krinke

Director of Operations and Technology


David Moore



Krisha McCune

Operations Associate


Alice Lee

Senior Counsel


Mike Christman

Senior Director of Operations


Jamie Sullivan

Executive Assistant

It is a privilege to support innovation during a transformative time in drug discovery.

Decoding the genome is having a dramatic impact on our understanding of disease. Drug developers are translating this knowledge into a wave of new medicines, which we expect will significantly improve the lives of many patients over the next two decades.


We get to support some of the most inspiring doctors and entrepreneurs during the genomic age, when the secrets to disease are being unlocked in real time. It’s hard not to jump out of bed every morning excited to study science.

Roderick Wong, Managing Partner

To understand a disease area or product space better than anyone else is challenging. But without this mindset, it is doubtful one can truly anticipate the opportunities, risks, and long-term execution hurdles facing an innovator. Over the years, this is a lesson we have taken to heart and is a philosophy we bring forward with all our partners and collaborators.

Naveen Yalamanchi, Portfolio Manager

These are the early days of a scientific renaissance, and at RTW we are investing in the companies that will have a profound impact on humanity. It is humbling and awe-inspiring to be living in an age where the future of drug discovery will resemble very little of the past.

Stephanie Sirota, Chief Business Development Officer

RTW Library

Golden Age of Drug Development

Roderick Wong MD, May 2, 2013

Drug & Medtech Financing Trends: 2003-2012

RTW Research, January 2013

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